Covid-19 Symptom Online Checker

Covid-19 Symptom Online Checker

This are interesting days we live in.  We understand that as humans, the thing we most fear are the loss of lives.  Ours as well as our loved ones.  With NZ Healthline currently being swamped by anxious people and a long wait-line for answered phone calls (up to 4 hours),  there’s no greater time than the present where COVID-19 has become a stark reality for each of us and we all want some form of comfort to know that we are not in danger.

Understanding all of this, we are providing a ‘COVID-19 symptom checker’ link for you to be able to assess and identify the risk you are presently in with the possibility of having been exposed to this highly contagious virus.

Just bear in mind that this is not a local NZ clinical site and thus, you are not being medically diagnosed.  However, this is a great way for you to access in order to decide if you indeed need to be in touch with a local clinic to be tested for COVID-19 should the online results shows that you are potentially exposed and possibly can be carrying the virus.

Please click on INTERMOUNTAIN HEALTHCARE and start online testing now.

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