Amyloidosis: Do Doctors Know To Look Out For It?

Amyloidosis: Do Doctors Know To Look Out For It?

Amyloidosis is a tricky prankster in that as a disease, the manifestation of it often goes under the radar as each organ effected can disguise its condition as something else more obvious or known to the doctors.  However, as long as the medical professionals are informed and educated on the cloak and dagger stance this disease disguises under and are able to look deeper and investigate further, there are only so much hiding amyloidosis can do.

Of late and thankfully so, more clinicians are informed and exposed to the multidisciplinary aspects of this disease so that patients who start falling ill and are fortunate enough to be seen by doctors who are aware and know what to check for can be treated early on.  Nonetheless, the spread of knowledge is not happening fast enough and  hence, patient organisation such as ours have a burden to not only advocate for medication for patients but have the equally challenging task of encouraging the healthcare profession, even at a tertiary level, to start emphasising on learning about this disease.

This recent review paper by Dr Iuliana Vaxman and Dr Morie Gertz is one of many important materials currently available which we can’t emphasise and encourage enough doctors to read and understand.

When To Suspect A Diagnosis of Amyloidosis (Published April 27th, 2020)

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