Gene Editing; A Promising Hope For Amyloidosis Patients If Proven A Success

Gene Editing; A Promising Hope For Amyloidosis Patients If Proven A Success

Genetic engineering technology by itself is nothing new and have been around since the 1970s.  Fast forward to 2020, the technology has now evolved and developed to where the editing itself can now be directed to a specific point in the DNA chain to either remove the ‘faulty’ structure, modify it, replace it or all together insert a new healthy strand.

For amyloidosis patients, this technology if indeed plausable would mean a whole world to the afflicted and their family.  That as soon as diagnosis is made, repair work can be introduced to structurally and internally modify at the DNA level to halt the progression of the disease.  Particularly for the hereditary type strain, to be able to remove that ‘weak-link’ in the genome sequence translates to the total banishment of the generational like curse and once and for all, allow the otherwise stricken members to at last, have a normal life and a healthy future.

No doubt there are ethical debates centred around genome editing overall and in itself but no matter the stance we take, the saving of a human life must supersede any opinions we may have.

At NZAPA, we are excited to learn, understand and recognise the importance of this ground breaking scientific know-how and eager to embrace it for all patients.  If it indeed successfully works in humans.

Watch the trailer to a newly released documentary to learn more about CRISPR and how it may effect you,

Human Nature | Official Trailer


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