Why Patient Associations Exist

“Our greatest social responsibility is to demonstrate to all others how to live in this world of hunger, sorrow, and injustice with generosity, dignity, and decency.” ― Chris Ernest Nelson If … Read More

A Guide to Transthyretin Amyloidosis

The multisystemic involvement in hereditary or familial ATTR makes the disease a possible differential diagnosis in many instances so it is important that doctors know what to look out for.

Hereditary Amyloidosis; The Autosomal Dominant Inheritance Pattern

The pattern of how the gene is passed on in hereditary amyloidosis is not gender specific and both male or female are likely to carry the mutated gene if they … Read More

Gastrointestinal; What, How & Why

Feeling helpless or believing that the situation is something that cannot be helped when in actual fact there may be treatment readily available to decrease the problem

Amyloidosis and Your Nail-Bed

Amyloidosis is generally described as the build up of abnormal protein called amyloid in the patient’s tissues and organs. One of the area affected can be a patient’s nail bed … Read More

Amyloidosis; A Background

Hereditary Amyloidosis; To truly understand what you carry, you need to delve deep into history.

2nd European ATTR Amyloidosis Meeting for Patients and Doctors

Together we can be a voice to fight for the rights to be treated from this fatal disease. This article is just a snippet of what we experienced while attending the conference and no doubt, we feel very enlightened, educated and empowered by what we have learnt.


Eidos AG10 ATTR-CM drug trial recruitment are underway in NZ

Please contact Dr Tim Sutton (timothy.sutton@middlemore.co.nz) or Dr Hugh Goodman (hugh.goodman@waikatodhb.health.nz)

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