Gene Editing; A Promising Hope For Amyloidosis Patients If Proven A Success

Genetic engineering technology by itself is nothing new and have been around since the 1970s.  Fast forward to 2020, the technology has now evolved and developed to where the editing … Read More

Part 2:The A to Z on Amyloidosis (Heart, Nerves, Nervous System, Ocular, Latest Technology, Therapy)

(Amyloidosis Support Group, October 2019, Conference Notes) Heart Our heart consists of millions of muscle cells making it beat. Amyloid gets between the cells, making the heart muscles stiffer. This … Read More

Part 1 The A to Z on Amyloidosis (Terms, Diagnosis, Types, Treatment, Genetic & Gut)

(Amyloidosis Support Group, October 2019, Conference Notes) Diagnosis Terms Amyloidosis = Protein folding disorder TTR = transthyretin: Transports thyroxine (a thyroid hormone) and retinol (vitamin A). Also known as Prealbumin … Read More

Amyloidosis: Do Doctors Know To Look Out For It?

Amyloidosis is a tricky prankster in that as a disease, the manifestation of it often goes under the radar as each organ effected can disguise its condition as something else … Read More

Cardiomyopathy in TTR Amyloidosis by Professor Julian Gilmore (May 13, 2020)

When a patient is diagnosed with amyloidosis, the care of that patient often brings in a multifaceted and multidisciplinary type of  involvement of medical experts from various sectors within the … Read More

Neuropathy in TTR Amyloidosis by Professor Mary M. Reilly (May 13, 2020)

TTR Amyloidosis disease is slowly gaining recognition particularly in New Zealand but in overseas countries such as in America and Europe, research work have been ongoing for years now to … Read More

Caregiver: A Guide To Selfcare

As caregivers, we should not overlook the physical, mental and emotional toll when caring for our loved ones with Amyloidosis. The best remedy for us (I am a caregiver myself) … Read More

How to Diagnose Amyloidosis for Doctors (P.Mollee, P.Renaut, D.Gottlieb, H.Goodman)

Correct identification by doctors on the causal amyloid protein is absolutely crucial for clinical management in order to avoid misdiagnosis..


Eidos AG10 ATTR-CM drug trial recruitment are underway in NZ

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