Mission Statement

New Zealand Amyloidosis Patient Association is under AMYLOIDOSIS NEW ZEALAND TRUST, incorporated under the Charitable Trust Act 1957 on the 7th day of January 2020.

Our Mission Statement 

NZAPA exists to help make a positive and lasting impact in New Zealand to help amyloidosis patients by working with local (and international doctors) as well as government agencies to bring funded treatment drugs into NZ for suffering patients.  Through our advocating for education and awareness, patients and their families would be able to manage having the disease unlike presently where desperation, despair and hopelessness prevails.

Awareness and education brings a high chance of early diagnosis especially for those who have the hATTR type so that treatment can be sought right away and they would not have to suffer the degenerative effects of amyloidosis and be able to function while continuing their contribution to their family and society.

Further to this, NZ healthcare practitioners would be fully exposed and educated on the disease so that correct diagnosis of their patients would not become an issue.  The structure and offering provided by NZAPA would enable patients, carers and amyloidosis disease specialists to meet and share in a safe environment which allows for better outcome for all involved.

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