How to Help Us

Thank you for your interest in supporting us. Your being here truly gives us encouragement and help make this effort even more worthwhile.

As a start, we need help building awareness for this disease here in NZ. You can help by sharing this website on your social media sites (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter) and to family and friends. Please advocate for us.

Secondly, NZAPA is a incorporated and registered charity (CC57385). Donations can be given by clicking on our ‘Giving to NZAPA‘. Just a reminder that you may also be able to donate through your salary and wages if your employer offer payroll-giving. Payroll-giving rules are very efficient as they give you the benefit of a tax credit immediately instead of having to wait until the end of the tax year.  Otherwise by donating to us, you can claim donation tax credit by submitting your donation receipt electronically using ‘myIR‘ .

Please rest assured that the donation amount received goes a long way to managing our services and programs in order to further the cause of Amyloidosis advocacy for awareness, education and treatment in this country.

Once again, thank you for coming alongside us in this endeavor.

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